Wednesday, June 22, 2016

What the fuck is Love anyway?

So what is love?  

Love has so many different meanings. I love my parents, I love my children, I love my siblings, I love my apartment, I love my life in Boston, I love you. We use the same word to describe something we cannot measure with an instrument, cannot see, taste, smell or know in any other way other than our feelings. While we use the same word to describe how we feel about people and things in our life, are we really describing the same energy? Is the energy I feel towards my lover the same energy I feel towards my children or my parents or my dog? First reaction is of course it is not the same energy but actually it is. It is the same energy that has been flavored differently by us. We add the flavors through our feelings. 

So what is this energy that we feel?  It is the creative force.  It is the energy we use every day.   We use this energy to do creative things.  We can also use this energy to do destructive things. Even when we do destructive things, it is the same energy that is being used.  It is the consciousness level of man that determines if we live in a creative society based in love, or a destructive society based on fear.  God, Consciousness, Source or whatever you want to call it does not discern for us what is good and bad.  We make that determination.  Some want to latch hold of a book or doctrine that has been passed down over the ages and claim that it alone determines what is good or bad but I disagree.  It is the evolution of our consciousness that determines what is good or bad and it starts with choosing for yourself.  I do not lie, cheat, or steal.  Not because of a law or doctrine against these things but because my consciousness tells me that it is not who I am.

When people's consciousness transitions and becomes aware of the bigger picture, they cease to do destructive things because that is not who they are.  In the spiritual community,  this is known as waking up.   Everything that man is learning and discovering already exists in Consciousness.  The new things people invent and discoveries  already exist and are revealed through the combined intuition of the teams of people working together.  We accumulate knowledge of that which exists through the revelations brought about through our intuition.

Our intuition is about feelings. Feelings are about love. Feelings are the tools we use to manipulate the love energy to create different things. It is the creative process for everything. When two or more are gathered in my name, I am there also. Words from Jesus.

Two or more people put their heads together and the creative juices will begin to flow. This flow of creative energy will not happen without love. All creativity comes about through love.
There are only two emotions that drive our every thought, love or fear. So what is fear? Fear is the absence of love. People do awful, horrid things to each other and the environment.  This would not be possible in a state of love.

Since fear is the absence of love, love is all there is. That is the state of being we all seek. To be in love.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Tragedy brings people together in and act of love.

This article was sent to me today.  When I read the article, I literally wept over the love and compassion that was displayed by a group of Orthodox Jewish men towards their gay brothers after the Orlando shooting.  They actually went to a gay bar to express their brotherhood and the response they got was beautiful.  This my friends is a beautiful example of love.  I hope you will take the time to read the article.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

The River

Today is a beautiful day.   Since I had no work, I decided to go to my favorite nude hangout in Vermont.   It is such a beautiful place.  The scenery is beautiful but what makes this place special is that it is a place where people can be themselves.   Only a handful of people here today but I have so many wonderful memories of the various characters I have met here.  This is a place where there is no shame and everyone is accepted and respected.  If someone gets sexually aroused, nobody cares.  If you want to go up into the woods and explore your sexual urges, nobody cares.  This is a place where judgment, prejudices and intolerance is not acceptable.  Everyone is welcome.

I needed to come to a place like this after the horrific events in Orlando.   On Saturday I marched proudly with the gay fathers and there were hundreds of thousands of spectators lining both sides of the streets cheering and clapping and generally showing their support of us.  It felt like they were cheering for me personally, for finally embracing who I am.   It brought me to tears to experience this.  Then as the news came out about Orlando,  I had many more tearful moments, balanced between the extremes of love and hate.  Then to see all the hateful posts from my conservative background popping up on Facebook just made it more painful.   I had to get away and this is the perfect oasis to collect my thoughts.

This is a place where love can and does manifest.   I am not referring to sexual play, but the love respect and comeradery that can be found among the people that come here.  All walks of life, all income brackets, all age groups, all races, all body types and all types of professions are represented here.  It is a microcosm of the type of world that is possible.  No shame in your body, no shame in the sexual nature of our being.  No shame in being and expressing yourself.  This is a safe place.

This is a place where you don't need to be anyone, just Be.  If this is not an expression of love then what is?

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Monday, June 13, 2016

Orlando we cry for you. We cry for all of us.

On Saturday, June 11th, Boston celebrated Pride.  The highlight event was the parade.  I marched in the parade with The Gay Fathers of Greater Boston.  The parade route was 2.7 miles long and there were estimated to be over 25,000 participants with 200 groups represented.  The streets on both sides were packed with people all cheering and shouting out their support.  It was young people, old people, mothers, fathers and children all out to lend their voice to acceptance.  It was emotionally moving to walk down the street to this cheering crowd.  One estimate I heard that has not been verified is that there were around 700,000 attendees.

Then Sunday morning we wake up to the news of the carnage in Orlando.  This violence was born out of hatred for the gay community.  The family of the gunman said that he was distraught over seeing two men kissing.  A simple act of kissing created the rage that took 50 innocent lives?

Such a juxtaposition of love and hate.  Two men showing their affection towards each other brings about so much death?  How can that be?

Where is the love in the world?  Where is the love between people?  For that is where it starts.   We must learn to love each other.  How do we do that?

It starts by looking within your own heart and rooting out the prejudice.  Oh but I am not prejudice.  Yea, right.  We all are.  We were taught from an early age to be.  Pay attention to your own thoughts and you will see it.  We are all guilty of intolerance.  Find yours and root it out.  That is where we start.

What it's all about.

Recently I went through an emotional trauma when the person I fell in love with did not fall in love with me.  After shedding many tears and sending numerous emails to the other person, he suggested that I write a blog.  My retort was "what kind of blog"?  His reply was, "Edward searching for love".

Needless to say, I was pissed at this suggestion and informed him that "Edward found love but love did not find Edward".

In the aftermath of the Orlando shooting, I have decided that indeed I should write a blog and call it "Edward searches for love".  Not necessarily about my search for "the one" but for the love within humanity.  Where can we find love in this insane world.  How desperately we need to find and embrace love in order to save humanity.  If you find this blog and agree with me that our world needs more love, I hope you will join me on this quest.  Share your own stories of what love is to you.  Help me find love in this insane world.