Tuesday, June 14, 2016

The River

Today is a beautiful day.   Since I had no work, I decided to go to my favorite nude hangout in Vermont.   It is such a beautiful place.  The scenery is beautiful but what makes this place special is that it is a place where people can be themselves.   Only a handful of people here today but I have so many wonderful memories of the various characters I have met here.  This is a place where there is no shame and everyone is accepted and respected.  If someone gets sexually aroused, nobody cares.  If you want to go up into the woods and explore your sexual urges, nobody cares.  This is a place where judgment, prejudices and intolerance is not acceptable.  Everyone is welcome.

I needed to come to a place like this after the horrific events in Orlando.   On Saturday I marched proudly with the gay fathers and there were hundreds of thousands of spectators lining both sides of the streets cheering and clapping and generally showing their support of us.  It felt like they were cheering for me personally, for finally embracing who I am.   It brought me to tears to experience this.  Then as the news came out about Orlando,  I had many more tearful moments, balanced between the extremes of love and hate.  Then to see all the hateful posts from my conservative background popping up on Facebook just made it more painful.   I had to get away and this is the perfect oasis to collect my thoughts.

This is a place where love can and does manifest.   I am not referring to sexual play, but the love respect and comeradery that can be found among the people that come here.  All walks of life, all income brackets, all age groups, all races, all body types and all types of professions are represented here.  It is a microcosm of the type of world that is possible.  No shame in your body, no shame in the sexual nature of our being.  No shame in being and expressing yourself.  This is a safe place.

This is a place where you don't need to be anyone, just Be.  If this is not an expression of love then what is?

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  1. Sounds lovely. I have to make arrangements to go there soon

  2. I think that one of the things that was horrific about the Orlando shooting is that it happened in what was for so many men and women in our gay community, a place like The River -a safe place where they could be themselves without shame or fear.. As one young gay man said to me "the disco where I first experienced being with other gay men was for me sacred space... and it was violated".

  3. I live far in Central America, but I am so thrilled to find about people with common ideals and stories that also refreshing and make me discover new corners of the world and minds. Thank you